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Factors Contributing To Disappearance of Honeybees

by Barbara Kim Thigpen on Friday, March 13, 2009 at 3:58pm
There may be additional factors; such as the cross-country transport of bees, resulting in wear & tear, climatic and other environmental changes, disorientation, and queens are removed from hives and placed in others. A queen orients the hive by her knowledge of the lay of the land. Killer bees or eradication efforts might affect other types. I think some bee-keepers feed them some nasty sugary solution... Genetic modifications in plants may be affecting some bees. Transmission towers, other harmful frequencies, or extreme noise and traffic perhaps... What about the modern broad-spectrum poisons, like Round-Up or cumulative levels of some odd toxins? Wasn't there some evidence of new varieties of mites infecting them? I am scared shit-less of chem-trails and certainly, any vapors spreading and lingering and settling the way those "clouds" seem to do, has got to be lethal to the delicate bee. So, what to do? What does Obama say on the CT subject? Are rain-forest bees dying?

Barbara Kim Thigpen
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Factors Contributing To Disappearance of Honeybees


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